An advocate of slow fashion, we believe in creating seasonless, timeless clothing inspired by age-old techniques. We work directly with artisans to create smaller capsule collections for maximum versatility, longevity, comfort, and relevancy. Fabrics, silhouettes, colors, and bold prints transcend weather and generations alike. The pieces are designed to be passed down as heirlooms and are intended to grow even more beautiful with time, infused with the rich stories of the hands that made them and the people who will wear them. 

Sustainability is woven into everything we do. From the fabrics we select, to a thorough consideration of the lifespan of our garments, every decision we make during the development process is committed to ethical manufacturing and reducing fashion industry waste. Three main principles guide us throughout our process: Design With Purpose, Produce Responsibly, and Maximize Wear.

Design With Purpose

Each piece is made with meaning and intent, rooted in our heritage and the cultural traditions of the artisans we work with. From there, we develop our color, textile, and surface design stories, with each element intended to capture a vivid portrait of ancient traditions to be passed down from generation to generation. To that end, we design fewer, smaller collections in considered quantities to maintain the design integrity and longevity of the garments. We also create distinctive limited edition pieces for the dedicated collector, each of which tells a unique story about craftsmanship.

We use responsibly sourced, sustainable materials. We design 75% of the collection using fabrics made from recycled materials or organic fibers. For the remaining 25%, we source existing stock fabrics, which eliminates the need to produce new fabrics and ultimately reduces the amount of textile waste at large. We use natural, plant-based dyes whenever possible and non-toxic, azo-free dyes to achieve deeper, brighter colors. Finally, all of our embellishments are made from recycled fibers, glass, and wood.

Produce Responsibly

Our small batch production process ensures that we produce only the quantities we can sell rather than overproducing an excess destined for a landfill. Our close ties with supply chain partners enable us to implement real-time feedback from our customers to produce the styles and colors you love and give us a more accurate understanding of how much we need to create each season. The community we've built with the makers and sourcing partners we work with results in everyone feeling a deep sense of pride in the final outcome we are all committed to designing and producing the highest quality product.

Maximize Wear

By focusing on quality materials and timeless techniques, we produce clothing that you can wear again and again. Designed with intent and imbued with history, we hope our pieces will endure season after season, year after year, to become heirlooms enjoyed for generations to come.