A collaboration between Ani, her children Maryam and Fatimah, and a team of seasoned artisans, Mari & Fatou seeks to preserve the rich artisanal traditions of both its founders and makers. 

Inspired by the brand’s Armenian, West African and Persian roots, the collection fuses Ani’s bold, modern design aesthetic with her family’s ancestral techniques and the traditional handwork of artisans, weavers, tailors and textile artists in India. Designed to be worn for a lifetime, the pieces are imbued with the powerful stories of the people who created them. 

We are here to honor makers who have been dedicating their lives to producing garments for mass retailers but whose craftsmanship has gone uncredited and largely remains unknown. By bringing their stories and exquisite work to the forefront, we hope to play a role in the preservation of these ancient traditions.

Seasonless and soulful, our collections transcend time, just as the practices that inspired them.