About Us

A collaboration between Ani, her children Maryam and Fatimah, and a team of seasoned artisans, Mari & Fatou seeks to preserve the rich artisanal traditions of both its founders and makers.

Inspired by the brand’s Armenian, West African and Persian roots, the collection fuses Ani’s bold, modern design aesthetic with her family’s ancestral techniques and the traditional handwork of artisans, weavers, tailors and textile artists in India. Designed to be worn for a lifetime (and beyond), the pieces are infused with the powerful stories of the people who created them. 

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Meet the Makers

We have close relationships with the people making our products, from sourcing partners and factories to artisan communities. The bonds we are forming have resulted in creating garments of the highest quality and have also allowed us to contribute towards sustaining and preserving artisanal traditions that may otherwise be lost.

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